The Future Game works so that the voices of young people are heard, making them understand their own power to imagine alternative futures, giving them a place to speak out and breaking with the culture that keeps young people out of decision-making spaces.

It is an initiative promoted by DOT Coop that works to create a new scenario where young people can “decide the future they want to imagine and inhabit”. We believe in the transformative power of imagination and the activating power of communities.


Name >>>  Paula Jimeno 

Location >>> Bilbao, Spain

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Name >>>  María Razquin 

Location >>> Madrid, Spain

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Name >>>  Muriel Akiko 

Location >>> Nairobi, Kenya

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Name >>>  Mark Jacinto 

Location >>> Manila, Philippines

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Name >>>  Douglas Teoh Shang 

Location >>> Selangor, Malaysia

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Name >>>  Jason 

Location >>> Philippines

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Name >>>  Adelle Alexandria 

Location >>> Malaysia

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Name >>>  Aleona Natalio 

Location >>> Laos

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Name >>>  Mary An 

Location >>> Vietnam

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Name >>>  Raymond 

Location >>> Myanmar

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Name >>>  Ahmed Elfaky 

Location >>> Alexandria, Egypt

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Name >>>  Tamara Judit Sancho Fallas 

Location >>> San José, Costa Rica

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Name >>>  Ilkin Aliyev 

Location >>> Baku, Azerbaijan

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Name >>>  Mohamed Qamsa 

Location >>> Mogadishu, Somalia

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Do you want to become part of The Future Game? Do you want to launch your own mission? Do you want to connect with The Future Game’s community? Talk to us! We are waiting to connect with you.

You can also find us at hello@thefuturegame.org


The Future Game Headquarters
Alameda Urquijo 28, 4D
48010 – Bilbao
(+034) 946 21 20 39